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Freelance Graphic Designer Update // October 2015

Since my last update, I have birthed not only a shiny new website with an updated portfolio (finally!), but also 2 children! Well.. let’s say I was more of a spectator while my wife did the work. I was there for emotional support. Anyway, I feel like I’ve been strapped to a rocket ship but it’s been a good ride. I’m looking forward to continued work with fantastic clients in the DFW metro!

Busy Busy // June 2013

WOW it’s been a wild ride! I’ve grown a ton in the last year and a half, worked on some very exciting projects, have even had the privelidge of meeting some folks who are household names. I have been neglecting my online portfolio, so what you’re looking at is older work. It’s on my mind to update… in my free time (ha!). Happy 2013!

Site Updates // January 2011

Ok, after a nice relaxing holiday break and some family time, I’ve been able to update my site with some fresh new work and content. Check out my portfolio. 2011 is the year of the U-turn – here we go!

Happenings // December 2010

This has been a crazy year! Many thanks to everyone who has made 2010 an exciting year of growth, in the most trying era of our lifetime. I have been too busy to keep my portfolio up, but plan to do so, to kick off the new year. Here’s a quick taste of work to be added… LOGOS// US Logix, Viva Garcia Taco House, Your Clean Record, FF Construction, Tekmax Advanced Systems, J. Michael Advisors, Elam & Assoc, The InHome Consignment & More, MDadvanced / WEBSITES// J. Michael Advisors, Lannie Flowers, DEC Engineers, FF Construction, The InHome, and MORE!! Have a great Christmas everyone!

CD release for country singer // April 2010

After a healthy wait, Texas country artist Blaine Gray has released his new self-titled album! See the CD release show at Billy Bob’s Texas in Ft. Worth. I am proud to have designed the CD packaging, and to have the chance to work with local DFW area musicians. This is my newest effort in collaboration with Aaron Ave Records out of Arlington, TX.

New logo for Dallas area plumbing service // April 2010

Most recent in the logo book is that of Jennings Plumbing of Carrollton, TX. I was really being able to exercise some illustrative qualities that are typically suppressed due to production limitations. Look for the logo shining on the side of their fleet of black-painted trucks around north Dallas.

Website design for personal budgeting service // March 2010

Following the recent logo design, this new website for My Money Track falls in line with the values of the identity and brand. If you find yourself in need of money advice, call them up! They have years and years of established experience helping people with budgeting issues. Everyone should experience financial freedom and peace of mind.

Packaging design for new line of salad dressing // March 2010

This is the bottle design for the new salad dressing label out of North Texas, called Tony’s Own. This dressing is amazing, people. It originated as the house dressing at The Italian Villa in Anna TX, who’s pasta I highly recommend.

New website for urban lifestyle apparel // March 2010

Relish has a new website, and now you can buy their shirts online. This is a highly creative group of urban lifestyle clothing creators in Southern California. I was able to get loose and sketchy with this design, as they derive their inspiration from the qualities that make downtown urban areas unique.

Logo for personal budgeting service // February 2010

My newest logo creation is for My Money Track, a budgeting management service located in Dallas, TX. I am really into this design, I think it represents a lot of qualities that are very timely for this year and the current state of this country. It is personal, refreshing, unique, organic, looking ahead and not behind.

New website design for wedding planners // January 2010

Wow I’ve been feeling like a website design machine lately! Here is yet again a new website launch. Liz Beck Events, the San Diego-area award winning wedding and event planning agency, now has a new web home to go with their new identity. Onward and upward!

Website launch for electronics company // December 2009

Southern California’s JR Controls companies deals with technical engineering, development and production of electronic circuit boards and flex circuits, primarily serving medical equipment. We collaborated on an effort to create 3 websites in 1, representing each division: Bench2Bench, Cosmotronic, and Winonics

Logo design for Denton non-profit // November 2009

Denton County Golf Association (DCGA) recently selected my logo design to represent them. The Denton-area non-profit aims at promoting the sport of golf among local youths.

New site look for church // October 2009

I have given a new look to the website of Lakeside Christian Church, a community church of Lakeside, CA. More than a skin than a new design, this CSS update now continues the brand of the new logo design. This is my wife and my former (pre-Texas) church family, and we are always happy to help out. Check them out, they are great people doing great work!

Web site launch for audio/video co. // September 2009

Dallas-area audio/video company TekMax Technologies has a new website design. This is my latest design and programming effort, and I was happy to create the company’s new look. If you have any DFW audio/video, networking, home automation, equipment or installation needs, Ray at TekMax is your guy.

“Best in town” award // September 2009

Congratulations to the team at Liz Beck Events for being voted “Best Wedding Planner in San Diego” for 2009!! A fresh new look is underway for the blue-ribbon crew this fall – stay tuned..

New logo design for tech company // August 2009

Just finished my most recent identity project for Bench 2 Bench Technologies, a company out of Southern California that engineers flexible circuits, targeting the medical equipment industries. It features a circuit that envelopes the “B2B”, connects from B to B (business to business), and declares seamless engineering solutions “from our workbench to yours”. Look for the B2B website in the near future.

New website for country singer // July 2009

Texas country artist and reality TV star Wes Hayden just launched his new site, with home page artwork fresh off of my desk-top! After making a splash on ABC’s “The Bachelorette”, Wes is back to pickin’ and a grinnin’ across Texas. I’ve enjoyed working with musicians and the scene thus far, and hope for more to come soon!

Design portfolio photography // July 2009

Huge thanks to DFW-area photographer Paul Kern for shooting my work! You can see the product of his labor throughout my Portfolio section.

CD release for country singer // June 2009

Travis Mitchell, a local rising Texas country musician, is due to release his 3rd album June 26 at Gilley’s Dallas! We have been collaborating on the CD package design (as well as some other materials), and I am stoked to see the work come to fruition. You can see him playing DFW fairly often.

Artwork showcase // April 2009

Some of my paintings and drawings are now on display at Antique Gallery USA in Denton. They are all available for purchase. Drop by and ask to see them by name at the front desk, as they are displayed throughout the store. You can check out some of my other artwork at my ST Art Website.

Marketing award // March 2009

AldenEm wins Gold! Health Care Communicators’ 2008 Finest Awards gives 1st to AldenEm for the Epeius Biotechnologies’ Rexin-G brochure in the “Single Brochure: 3+ colors” category. Creative Director Allen Guilmette, Graphic Designer Simon Trask.


I enjoy music, blue skies, hunting, the ocean, humor, art, fishing, the mountains, far away lands, sports, reading, biking, well-made movies, amazing food, learning new things, and all seasons of the year.

Here’s a taste of music I’ve been filling my head with:

Ryan Bingham, Merle Haggard, Nathan James, The Beatles, Postal Service, Marshall Tucker Band, Allman Brothers, Shooter Jennings, Flaming Lips, Death Cab for Cutie, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Rolling Stones, Simon & Garfunkle, John Lee Hooker, Blind Melon, Charlie Daniels, Paul Curreri, Blind Pilot, Waylon Jennings, 1100 Springs, John Prine, The Avett Brothers, Steve Earle.

Books that I’ve recently read, or am currently reading:

“The Bullpen Gospels” (Hayhurst), “The Razor’s Edge” (Maugham), “My Utmost for His Highest” (Chambers), “What’s Your Poison?: Addictive Advertising Of The ’40s – ’60s” (Blount), “A Christmas Carol” (Dickens) “A Moveable Feast” (Hemingway), “Animal Farm” (Orwell), “Rich Dad Poor Dad” (Kiyosaki), “Revolution in Texas” (Johnson), “Blood and Thunder” (Sides).

Artists that make me say “wow”:

Ian Francis, Shepard Fairey, Jeffrey Brown, Echo Chernik, Banksy, Dana Neibert, Onelio Marrero, Wade Koniakowsky, Hugo Crosthwaite, Greg Banning, Alberto Cerriteno, Nick Lepard.

Some of my favorite Pandora stations:

Texas Country Grit »
Dublin Folk Rock »
New Appalachia »
Backporch Blues »
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